Concentrating on Chauffeur Car Service in China for 20 years

InKeyGo is offering one-stop chauffeur car services at the MOST COMPETITIVE RATES for corporate and individuals.
InKeyGo would sign the 【Official Agreement】 that complies with the provisions of China's laws and regulations,
and follow client company’s 【Compliance and Financing Regulations】.
Based on more than 20 years of professional car services and fleet management experience, InKeyGo has accumulated multitudinous SELECTED FLEETS to offer the client the CUSTOMIZED solutions with COMPREHENSIVE services
to achieve the most EFFICIENT, RELIABLE and SECURED chauffeur car service experience, no matter from which corner of China,
for your 【Clients】 for your 【Staff】, 【Long Term Support】 or 【Single Time Service】.

  • Transfer: Airport/Train Station

  • Day/Hour Hire

  • Long Distance


■   FORMAL - Sign official agreement that complies with the laws and regulations.

■   COMPLIANCE - Follow client company's compliance and finance regulations.

■   PROFESSIONAL - All vehicles and chauffeurs are formally licensed and chauffeurs are experienced professional drivers.

■   SPECIFIC - Provide exclusive solutions based on specific requirement and budget.

■   CLEAR AND COMPREHENSIVE - Clear and comprehensive information about pricing, vehicle and chauffeur.


■   FLEXIBLE COOPERATION - Framework agreement for long-term solutions, or Single-time contract for temporary support.

■   FREE CACELLATION - All clients get full refund up to 24 hours in advance.

■   NO HASSLES - Only a simple description is necessary and the passenger would enjoy the trip without any hassles.

■   PROMPT AND EASY - Multitudinous fleets standing by and InKeyGo is responsible for the fleet coordination and monitoring.

■   BILINGUAL - 7 x 24 professional operation services in English and Chinese.


■   VEHICLE AND SERVICE GUARANTEED - No opportunities or important moment would be missed due to the car service arrangement.

■   COMPETITIVE PRICE - The most competitive offer prices in China market, which is guaranteed. Stable negotiated rates for long-term clients for a better budget control.

■   VEHICLE INSURANCE - Highest 3 Million RMB insurance.

■   WORRY-FREE TRIPS - Any issue happens on the road would be taken care immediately. Standby vehicles would be provided.

■   PRIVACY PROTECTION - Professional chauffeur without voice or camera record, to avoid any privacy or business secret divulge.

Your Basic Description - Our Professional Services

【Long Term Support】 or 【Single Time Service】

  • Business Sedan: 5 seater

  • Executive Sedan: 4 - 5 seater

  • Business MPV: 7 seater

  • Executive MPV: 7- 9 seater

  • Mini-bus / Midi-bus: 8 - 30 seater

  • Coach: 35 - 55 seater


Office: FL 28 BLDG A, Chaowai SOHO, Beijing
Tel: +86 400 707 1717