InKeyGo - China's Chauffeur Car Service Expert

InKeyGo- China's Chauffeur Car Service Expert

  • Based on more than 20 years of professional chauffeured car services and fleet management experience in China, InKeyGo has accumulated a vast network of Licensed, Insured, and Professional Fleets to offer the clients customized solutions with comprehensive services, based on their specific needs.

  • InKeyGo would sign the Official agreement that complies with the provisions of China's laws and regulations, and follow the client company's Compliance and Financing Regulations.

Long Term Support – Tailormade Your Own Corporate Fleet

  • Suitable for the corporates whose staffs need to do business travel frequently or need to arrange the transportation for their clients regularly.

  • A framework contract would be signed and the corporate would pay the cost collectively.

  • The authorized staffs or clients only need to tell InKeyGo the itinerary and enjoy the service, without the trouble of payment and complicated reimbursement.

  • A service expense breakdown would be provided and all expense on the chauffeured car services are clear and steerable.

  • The corporate would enjoy the stable negotiated rates without hot or low season for a better budget control.

  • Corporate logo could be displayed when providing services to enhance the corporate image among staffs and clients.

  • Corporate would enjoy the reliable and professional vehicles and services, and expense only when necessary.

Single Time Service – Satisfy Temporary Service Demands

  • Suitable for the corporates who need the chauffeured car services from time to time or need temporarily, e.g. client host, conference, exhibition, team building, annual party, outing etc.

  • A service contract would be signed and the corporate need to pre-pay the cost to lock the vehicles.

  • All vehicles and chauffeurs are dedicated and formally licensed.

  • InKeyGo regularly checks the actual status of the vehicles and the drivers, to ensure all clients to enjoy the outstanding vehicle status and the experienced driver's professional services. The high quality services are assured.

  • Quotation would be based on the specific demand, i.e. itinerary, group size, venue, special requirement etc. Proper vehicle and drivers would be allocated accordingly.

  • Nation-wide extensive orders organized by InKeyGo to ensure the proper low-price offer without quality compromise.

  • Flexible quotation based on the actual specific needs, with dedicated service operator.